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Who Are We?


What a joy it is to welcome you to The Good Shepherd Preschool. Your interest in our early learning center is much appreciated! Our Arizona culture offers many choices for early childhood education for this generation. You can spend months touring… public, charter, private and parochial, trying to find just the right fit for your family’s needs. We believe that the program we have to offer is exemplary.

At The Good Shepherd Preschool, also referred to as TGS, we pride ourselves in offering a safe, loving environment with highly qualified teachers who make learning fun and challenging. Children want to learn about the world around them and they have questions that need to be answered! They find their answers at The Good Shepherd Preschool, for we exist to provide an early childhood education experience that is Bible-based, God-centered, as well as academically and developmentally sound in a safe, loving, nurturing environment.

The Good Shepherd Preschool is state-licensed and DES-certified to provide our students with a safe, beneficial learning environment. Also, we can accommodate any IEPS or 504 plans for our students.


Our Goals

It is our goal that The Good Shepherd Preschool will be dedicated to quality care, comprehensive education and Christian values to insure the total growth and development of each child, Spiritually, Socially, Emotionally, Physically and Intellectually.

Spiritually – At TGS your child will begin to understand the love and acceptance of Jesus toward all people as
we endeavor to demonstrate God’s love to your child as they interact with other children and teachers. We
want the children to recognize that God is the Creator, Jesus is His Son, and that He loves and accepts us as
we are.
Socially – Your child will learn the privileges and limits of group life. Your child will begin to develop a caring
attitude toward others and will begin to develop self-discipline through gradually learning to make wise
Emotionally – Your child will develop a positive self-concept, learning to love and accept others as he or she
is loved and accepted. TGS will help your child learn to verbally express both positive and negative feelings.
Physically – Your child will learn how to demonstrate the knowledge and motor skills they need to remain
physically healthy and to accept responsibility for their own physical well being where your child can feel proud
of their accomplishments.
Intellectually – Your child will be encouraged to build skills in listening and language development and
understand concepts related to size, shape, space, color, and distance. Reading and math readiness skills will
be practiced. Your child will be given the opportunity to reason, discover, remember, experiment, and

Incorporating God, His Word, Plans and Purposes

God is the central force and focus of our early learning center.  All aspects of our program include Him.  Teachers and staff pray for direction in how to glorify Him in their teaching, conversations, and every day life.  God’s Word through the Bible is a part of everyday teaching at TGS to set Biblical purpose statements, objectives, and foundation for all learning.

Our Core Values

  • We value the preciousness of others and self.
  • We value time with God and union with Him.
  • We value the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • We value the Bible as God’s Holy Word.
  • We value the power of communication.
  • We value the earth and the universe and all of God’s creation in them.
  • We value Jesus’ model of love and servant hood.
  • We value the Golden Rule.

Matthew 7:12 (NIV) “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”.

Our Staff

Our staff has more than 230 years of combined experience educating children. They are fully trained for CPR and first aid, receiving 18-20 hours per year of continued education to ensure they remain up to date on all certifications.

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