Ones Through Fours


Our explorer group of one-year-olds love to move, sing and play! In this age group, we continue our focus on developmental milestones by singing the alphabet, playing alphabet games, reading stories to improve their attention span and counting from 1-10. Each child is properly geared for advancing to the next class!


Two-year-olds are eager to learn, so their classes focus on language development and listening skills that include:

  • Animals
  • Color words
  • Community helpers
  • Countries
  • Health
  • Manners
  • Safety
  • Science
  • Shapes
  • Transportation

Also as part of the daily schedule, we focus on counting from 1-15 and number concepts.


For three and four-year-olds, independence is extremely important at their age. In this class, we focus on recognizing names, sounds and pictures of short vowels and consonants in both upper and lower case. Additionally, we teach language development and listening skills.  We teach number concepts from 1-30.

Affordable Classes

We pride ourselves on offering all our classes and services at competitive prices, which are more affordable than the competition. Additionally, we provide snacks and will provide you with a list of everything your child will need to bring to our school.
Our preschool is fully DES-licensed and can accommodate any IEPS or 504 plans designed to give your child the leg up they need.



“My son loves going here! He has learned a lot and it has more than prepared him for kindergarten! The teachers and staff are amazing, I could not ask for a better school for my son!!”

Julie R via Facebook